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Adopt a penguin of your very own

- name your penguin

- as seen on BBC TV and Animal Planet

- the only genuine penguin adoption

- praised by the British government

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  Adopt a Penguin, and help us protect penguins in the wild.

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  Adopt a Penguin

adopt a penguin - choose its name - the perfect gift for any animal lover

- We are the ONLY genuine penguin adoption giving you your own penguin

- No 'symbolic' adoptions here - you adopt your very own penguin.

Your payment helps to save wild penguins.

Click "Adopt a Penguin" to make your purchase

Since we began our penguin adoption program in 1997 we have had a lot of imitators. However a Google search for "Penguin Research Publications" only lists our research published by Mike Bingham. Where is the work being done by other adoption programs?

You adopt your very own wild penguin which is not shared with anybody else. You choose the name of your penguin and are sent photos and news about the penguin which you alone adopt. You can follow your penguin throughout the year as it migrates, lays eggs and rears chicks. You get photos of your penguin and your penguin's chicks, and even get a map showing where your penguin lives in case you want to come and visit.

Taking a photo of a thousand different penguins and sending each photo to the correct owner takes a huge amount of time, which is why nobody else does it.

The adoption fee is used for us to study, photograph and protect your penguin. The research and protection helps the penguins, and you receive photos and news of your very own penguin that is not shared with anyone else. Each person gets eight reports a year about their penguin, and each year people come and visit us to see their penguin.

Our work to save penguins has been acclaimed by the British government, BBC TV, Animal Planet, and other TV documentaries around the world. You can view TV documentaries featuring our work on YouTube in (ENGLISH), (GERMAN), and (SPANISH). We featured in BBC TV's highly acclaimed series "EXPLORE: Patagonia to the Pampas" in 2009.

Our penguin adoption program funds all of our work, and has received international acclaim from the British government. Our campaign to protect Falklands penguins from over-fishing and oil pollution brought us into conflict with the Falkland Islands Government, which led to an historic court case in the Supreme Court (Read about our Supreme Court victory).

The British government then helped us to establish our penguin adoption program, in order to provide long-term independent funding for our work. Being funded by thousands of individuals around the world adopting penguins, gives us freedom to protect penguins without political and economical intimidation.

Click here to Adopt a Penguin of your very own

  Newspaper Reports about our fight to save Falklands penguins


TV documentaries about our work shown on Animal Planet


TV documentaries about our work in German and Spanish


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Penguins of the Falkland Islands and South America

  The Falklands Regime, ISBN: 1420813757

On-line guide to Birds of the Falkland Islands


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