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Our work to save penguins has been acclaimed by the British government, BBC TV, Animal Planet, and other TV documentaries around the world. You can view TV documentaries featuring our work on YouTube in (ENGLISH), (GERMAN), and (SPANISH). We featured in BBC TV's highly acclaimed series "EXPLORE: Patagonia to the Pampas".

We are the only organization studying and protecting penguins across Chile, Argentina and the Falkland Islands. Our aim is to study and protect penguins, and to promote successful harmony between commercial activities and environmental protection.

Our penguin adoption program funds all of our work, and has received international acclaim from the British government. Our campaign to protect Falklands penguins from over-fishing and oil pollution brought us into conflict with the Falkland Islands Government, who attempted to stop our work through bribery, harassment, false arrests, and threats of imprisonment and deportation. This led to an historic court battle in which the Falkland Islands Government were found guilty of human rights abuse in the Supreme Court (Read about our Supreme Court victory). The British government came to our aid following this episode, and helped us to establish our penguin adoption program, in order to provide long-term independent funding for our work. Being funded by thousands of individuals around the world adopting penguins, gives us freedom to protect penguins without political and economical intimidation.

You can read press reports of our work to save Falklands penguins, and the campaign of harassment against us, in newspaper articles published in The Daily Post, The Sunday Independent, The Observer, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, The Mail on Sunday, Index on Censorship and Birdwatch Magazine. Our work also featured on TV in the BBC2 series Explore: Patagonia to the Pampas (, in a series of three documentaries shown on Discovery Channel's Animal Planet (PARAMOUNT PICTURES) and on Germany's Mare TV (Mare TV - Feb 2006). Mike Bingham has also been added to the International Who's Who of Professionals in recognistion of his work to save Falklands penguins.

Newspaper Reports about our fight to save Falklands penguins             Seabirds killed by oil slick in Stanley Harbour             The Falklands Regime, ISBN: 1420813757

There are three ways you can help support our work to save penguins.

1. Adopt one of our penguins with our ADOPT-A-PENGUIN program.
2. Purchase our book Penguins of the Falkland Islands and South America for immediate download at $3.95, or for delivery as a paperback at $10.95.
3. Purchase our book The FALKLANDS REGIME, which accounts Bingham's heroic struggle to protect penguins in the Falklands, despite government harrassment and death threats, which led to Bingham's historic Supreme Court victory for Human Rights Abuse. (Paperback $18.75, ISBN: 1420813757).

TV documentaries about our work shown on Animal Planet

TV documentaries about our work in German and Spanish

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