Penguin Adoption Renewal

The cost of renewal is still $48. We offer payment by Paypal or Credit Card below. NOTE: all financial information is sent over a secure encrypted site for your security   adopt

1) For PAYPAL - go to


2) For CREDIT CARDS - please use the form below

Payment Options
Name Chosen for Penguin
Name and Email of Recipent

Please note that this credit card form is run by Paypal for people who do not have a Paypal account and who do not want one. If you have a Paypal account but prefer to use this credit card form, then you will need to open this page again in a private browser, or on a computer or mobile phone that is not linked to your Paypal account to avoid being automatically directed to your Paypal account instead.

Any doubts or problems, just reply to any of our emails, or use the contact button below.

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